Business Entities

Are you setting up a new business or changing your current setup?  Having a properly set up business can ensure that you are starting your business on the right foot.  Whether you are setting up a single-member LLC or have multiple business partners, David can help make certain that you have the proper set up and agreements in place.

Contract Creation and Review

Do you need a new business contract, update an existing agreement, or do you need a review of a potential agreement?  Don’t go it alone.  David can review or create customized contracts for that are designed for your needs.

Employee Relations

Are you hiring employees or having difficulty working with your employees?  In addition to providing preventive legal advice, David can help with the a wide variety of employment services such as:

Employment Contracts
Dispute Resolution
Workplace Investigations

David C. Noland, Attorney at Law

David is an active member of the Oregon State Bar and holds a Bachelor of Science in Management & Communications in addition to his Doctor of Jurisprudence earned at Willamette University College of Law.

David’s professional background includes corporate formation, business contracts, mediation, human resource management, and management & executive training.  David utilizes his experiences and unique approach to problem solving for the benefit of his clients by providing solid legal and business advice.

Because of his professional and educational background, David can bring to organizations and individuals a unique approach to balancing the business needs with the ever changing legal environment

Any questions regarding how I can help, please contact me at 503.967.2944.